About Indigo Clothing in Atascadero, California

Indigo Clothing was established in July, 2019. Roxy, owner of Indigo Clothing, started out with a brick and mortar in her town of residence, Atascadero, California. Within 6 months time, Indigo expanded into the online women's boutique retail sales and the business began to grow into what it is today including some pivots along the way. Indigo Clothing is now located at 5983 Entrada Ave, Atascadero, Ca. We are in the heart of downtown Atascadero located on the Central Coast of California.
Our retail includes established petite brand women's casual and seasonal clothing. We are about wearing trending fits made for confident women. Our main brands include Vibrant MIU Denim, Vervet by Flying Monkey Denim, Ceros Denim, Le Lis, Blue Blush, Pretty Garbage, Saints and Hearts and more brands out of LA Fashion District.
We do monthly photo shoots all over our gorgeous county with carefully chosen models who represent our brand very well! Our photographer, Rachel, is a Cal Poly student and amazing fashion photographer! Check our shoots on IG at https://www.instagram.com/indigoclothing19/ or FB at https://www.facebook.com/indigochild19 and check out Rachel Danielle Photography tagged in our IG Posts, too!